I didn't receive a gift, what should I do?

I didn't receive a gift, what should I do?

You have to wait 5 days after the shipping deadline listed on the exchange to report not receiving a gift. If your gifter has not submitted approved shipping proof, they will be suspended and you will be entered into the rematch pool.
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    • What happens if I receive a "bad" gift?

      First of all, please use the rating system when posting your gift in order to reflect this. Secondly, please do not post a negative post - a simple "thank you" will do in this scenario. If you have received a gift that makes no sense however, or is ...
    • My rematch giftee recieved their original gift!

      If you were allocated a rematch giftee and they have already posted a gift for the exchange that you are their rematch gifter for. Please, reach out to support and we can have you reallocated to another rematch giftee that has not received a gift.
    • My Rematch Gifter never sent a gift!

      There are a few steps to take if your rematch gifter has not sent your gift. Reach out to your gifter and see if they have any questions. Occasionally a rematch gifter might've forgotten that they were assigned a new giftee! After 2 weeks, If your ...
    • When should I mark a gift as not recieved?

      A gift should be marked as not received 5 days after the shipping deadline. 
    • If I'm rematched, how long will I have to wait to receive a rematch gift?

      We allocate rematch gifters to giftees every 30 minutes. Sometimes however, we don't have enough rematchers for an exchange - in this scenario, we are unable to guarantee a timeframe.