I have a Reddit Gifts account, is it too late to link it?

I have a Reddit Gifts account, is it too late to link it?

Contact support and we'll see what we can do! We can only link to onboarded accounts, so please provide both your GG nickname and your RG profile name.
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    • How do I delete my account?

      Please contact us and request your account be deleted. In line with our GDPR policy, we will review your deletion request. Once accounts are deleted, your details will be automatically blacklisted to prevent us inadvertently retaining your data once ...
    • What happens if I send gifts that have nothing to do with the theme of an exchange?

      Your account will be investigated, and you will likely be warned. If warnings persist, your account is at risk of being suspended.
    • Am I allowed multiple accounts?

      No. Multiple accounts will lead to your account being banned and address being blacklisted.
    • My Giftee has sent me a different address to ship their gift to, Can I ship it?

      If your Giftee has sent you a different address than the one listed on their GivinGifts account please Do not send a gift and reach out to Support immediately.  If they have a different address listed in their Profile, Exchange Preference, or Sent to ...
    • What is direct rematching?

      With direct rematching enabled, people viewing your profile (or a list of people with it enabled on the exchange pages) are able to instantly allocate themselves as a rematcher to you after viewing your profile. We understand that some people might ...