My Giftee has sent me a different address to ship their gift to, Can I ship it?

My Giftee has sent me a different address to ship their gift to, Can I ship it?

If your Giftee has sent you a different address than the one listed on their GivinGifts account please Do not send a gift and reach out to Support immediately. 

If they have a different address listed in their Profile, Exchange Preference, or Sent to you via Message, Please contact support so this can be verified, as this is predominantly used to avoid address blacklisting.

If you ship a gift to an address that is not listed on their account your shipping proof will be denied.
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      There are a few steps to take if your rematch gifter has not sent your gift. Reach out to your gifter and see if they have any questions. Occasionally a rematch gifter might've forgotten that they were assigned a new giftee! After 2 weeks, If your ...
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      If you were allocated a rematch giftee and they have already posted a gift for the exchange that you are their rematch gifter for. Please, reach out to support and we can have you reallocated to another rematch giftee that has not received a gift.
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    • When should I mark a gift as not recieved?

      A gift should be marked as not received 5 days after the shipping deadline. 
    • What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?

      You will be signing up to send a gift to a person who failed to receive one from their original gifter. You will not receive an extra gift in return for this, but will receive the standard exchange experience in return.