My Rematch Gifter never sent a gift!

My Rematch Gifter never sent a gift!

There are a few steps to take if your rematch gifter has not sent your gift.
  1. Reach out to your gifter and see if they have any questions. Occasionally a rematch gifter might've forgotten that they were assigned a new giftee!
  2. After 2 weeks, If your rematch gifter has not reached out or sent you a gift. Please reach out to support and they will have you added back to the rematch pool.

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    • My rematch giftee recieved their original gift!

      If you were allocated a rematch giftee and they have already posted a gift for the exchange that you are their rematch gifter for. Please, reach out to support and we can have you reallocated to another rematch giftee that has not received a gift.
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