What happens if I receive a "bad" gift?

What happens if I receive a "bad" gift?

First of all, please use the rating system when posting your gift in order to reflect this. Secondly, please do not post a negative post - a simple "thank you" will do in this scenario. If you have received a gift that makes no sense however, or is outright offensive, please contact support and they will look into it.
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      Sometimes, all you can do is wait it out. Please be patient with your giftee while you wait for them to post in the gallery. Unfortunately, You cannot always know whats going on in your giftee's life, there is always the possibility that the ...
    • I didn't receive a gift, what should I do?

      5 days after the shipping deadline, an exchange will be marked as reportable - and if you have not marked a gift as received, the Report No Gift action will become available. - If your gifter has had their shipping proof approved, you will not be ...
    • What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?

      You will be signing up to send a gift to a person who failed to receive one from their original gifter. You will not receive an extra gift in return for this, but will receive the standard exchange experience in return.
    • I'm disappointed in the gift I received, do I have to post it?

      Yes, Posting the gift you received is a requirement here on GivinGifts. While we understand that receiving a gift that doesn't really match our description and preferences is frustrating, public shaming of your gifter is not acceptable.    Shaming ...
    • What happens if I don't send a gift for an exchange?

      Quite simply, you will be suspended until you hold up your end of the bargain.