What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?

What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?

You will be signing up to send a gift to a person who failed to receive one from their original gifter. You will not receive an extra gift in return for this, but will receive the standard exchange experience in return.
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    • My Rematch gifter has not retrieved my info or sent my gift.

      Two weeks after being allocated a rematch gifter, If they have not retrieved your information or shipped your gift you can submit a support ticket to be reallocated back to the rematch pool. Rematch gifters who fail to retreive their rematch giftee's ...
    • My Rematch Gifter never sent a gift!

      There are a few steps to take if your rematch gifter has not sent your gift. Reach out to your gifter and see if they have any questions. Occasionally a rematch gifter might've forgotten that they were assigned a new giftee! After 2 weeks, If your ...
    • My rematch giftee recieved their original gift!

      If you were allocated a rematch giftee and they have already posted a gift for the exchange that you are their rematch gifter for. Please, reach out to support and we can have you reallocated to another rematch giftee that has not received a gift.
    • How do I message my Gifter?

      You can anonymously message your gifter directly from the exchange page!  Under Exchange Actions, you'll see a box called Messages (From Gifter) In this message thread, you are the giftee. You are receiving a gift from this person. You can type any ...
    • If I'm rematched, how long will I have to wait to receive a rematch gift?

      We allocate rematch gifters to giftees every 30 minutes. Sometimes however, we don't have enough rematchers for an exchange - in this scenario, we are unable to guarantee a timeframe.